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Pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryer paracetamol lyophilized
Pharmaceutical freeze-dried paracetamol lyophilized preparation and its preparation method overcome the background of paracetamol freeze-dried preparation is stable, susceptible to moisture, oxygen, PH, temperature, light and other factors, provided A good stability, high safety paracetamol lyophilized preparation.
Which is characterized by comprising the following steps:
1, weighed amount of acetaminophen added to the container filled with 80 ° C water for injection with concentrated solution, adjust the PH 5.5 ~ 6.5;
2, according to the content of the results with 2/3 volume, add 0.1% of the needle with activated carbon, 80 ° C incubated for 30 minutes, standing;
3, Iμ M titanium rod rough filter, 0.45 Μ M filter fine filter;
4, sampling test
5, according to the content and PH plus water soluble;
6, vial packing;
7, vacuum freeze-drying;
8, Vial seal, packaging.