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Model: RTFD-18E
General Introduction: Model RTFD-18E is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory. This equipment is used for long term preservation for bacteria, fungi and other microbial strains. After freeze drying process, samples can be sealed in the ampules.
Freeze Drying Theory: After freeze drying process, a long term preservation for material is much easier. They can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered.
Main features
♦ Control panel display in English
♦  Vacuum can be displayed in Pa or mbar
♦  Condenser with uniform and good ice capture function
♦  Small and compact structure , with easy and convenient operation
♦  Vacuum pump with high pumping speed , to reach good final vacuum
♦  Condenser made of stainless steel 304, anti-corrosion and easy to clean
♦  Stainless steel air inlet valve (drain valve) is safe, anti-corrosion , no leak
♦ Big opening condenser with external coiling tubes, has pre-freezing function
♦ Color LCD touch screen displays running time, display sample temperature, condenser temperature ,   
vacuum degree, and save data automatically

♦  Display sample temperature curve, condenser temperature curve and vacuum curve
♦  With USB port to output freeze drying data, open and view data in Excel format

Technical Parameter RTFD-18E