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Model: RTFD-LG100
General Introduction: The vacuum freeze drying technology is currently the most advanced dehydrating processing technology.Vacuum freeze drying equipment can be widely used in such fields as vegetables, fruits, condiments, seafood, fish, meat, beverage, biological products, medicine, specimen etc.
Freeze Drying Theory:  Freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production ,etc. After freeze drying process, a long term preservation for material is much easier. They can be restored to original state and maintain their chemical and biological characteristics after being watered. The vacuum freeze drying technology, which is also called sublimation drying, is a technical method that freezes the samples in advance, and then sublimates its moisture under vacuum state.
Main Features
*  PLC control standard, with programmable function
*  Freeze and dry separate. The efficiency of work has been improved and the cost of operation is reduced.
*  Color LCD touch screen, English interface, display of freeze drying curves, store data
*  Login facility on control panel; Multilevel password protection,effectively prevent illegal operation.
*  Inner wall of drying chamber, condenser are of stainless steel 304
*  32 groups program can be stored, each program can be set up 36 segments
*  With USB port to output drying data, to open and view in Excel format
*  With Nitrogen inflation valve
*  Alarm:ambient temperature too high , vacuum degree abnormal,condenser temp. too high, shelf temp. too high, pre-freeze finishing,drying process finishing

(Freeze dried products)

1. Nutrition basically remains unchanged. Drying is operated in low temperature and vacuum conditions, so the nutrition is kept, particularly effective to heat sensitive materials.

2. Form basically remains unchanged. The water contained in food is drained directly from solid to gas, so the structure doesn’t change, and just forms space between ice crystals. .

3. Colour basically remains unchanged. As drying is operated in low temperature and vacuum conditions, the physical and chemical properties of food changed little. There is also little possibility of oxidation and enzyme, thus easily to keep original color.

4. Fragrance basically remains unchanged. Because the fragrant components in food largely exist in amorphous concentrated section in the process of freezing, the fragrance can be kept when ice crystals are gasified.

5. The quality of solids hardly losses. Because of the low rate of sublimating water vapor, the substances are basically in quiescent state, thus the loss of solids quality can be ignored.

Compared with commonly used drying method, freeze dried food have following features
1.long period of quality assurance, good for long term preservation
2.good-looking color, good taste and high content of nutritious components
3.basically remains unchanged in its volume and shape

Technical Parameter