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Lyophilizer circulation system introduced
Vacuum freeze-drying is essentially a technology that relies on temperature-induced substance transfer. The object is first frozen on the slab. At the beginning of the sublimation process, the water vapor sublimates from the frozen state product and re-condenses to ice on the cold trap surface of the vacuum freeze dryer. In order to obtain stable sublimation and condensation, it is necessary to provide heat to the product through the plies and to remove them from the capture surface of the condenser. Shelf cooling and heating are carried out by the heat transfer of heat conducting oil, in order to continuously heat the oil throughout the system, in the pipeline to add a shielded double body pump, making the heat transfer fluid forced circulation. Circulation pump is generally a pump body two motors, usually work, only one motor running, if there is a motor is not working properly, the other one will be switched in time. This system has a good backup function, applicability and wide. In the pump at the exit, usually to install a pressure gauge to reflect the outlet pressure and a pressure relay, plus electric heating pipe above with an over-temperature alarm relay.
Circulation pump pressure relay role, when the pump starts, PLC automatically pump outlet pressure, if there is no pressure, then the motor or relay problems, this program automatically open another spare motor to ensure the normal operation of the system.