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Cell cryogenic equipment, programmed rate freezing principle
Cell cryogenic equipment, programmed rate of freezer principle!
Cryopreserved cells We call it a programmed rate freezer, a program thermometer, an embryo freezer. Is a high-performance, safe and reliable temperature change rate adjustable freezing equipment. Has been widely used in light industry, agriculture, medicine, basic biological research and other fields, for lymphocytes, tissue banks, bone marrow cells, stem cells, umbilical cord blood banks, animal and plant cells and other frozen.
 Programmable rate freezer principle:
Controllable thermodynamics
In order to maximize the viability of the cells, care must be taken to control the temperature gradient. The initial stages of ice formation, as well as the coagulation stage, must be carefully controlled to ensure optimal crystal size and shape. With its perfect containment and insulation, TRI-Freezer can achieve constant management of power and data parameters, combine with the user's experience to determine the best freezing curve and provide simple and accurate repeatability. Through the chamber and the product of the two probes to detect the temperature and temperature control gradient accordingly.
Liquid cooling state
In the liquid phase (before reaching the crystallization point), the cooling rate must be able to regularly avoid thermal shocks that affect the cell membrane. The speed-programmed rate freezer here demonstrates its accuracy and flexibility: ultra-insulated freezing chambers, controlled nitrogen inflow and fine temperature control - down to -0.1 ° C per minute.
Liquid to crystalline state
 Ice crystal formation phase, characterized by a sudden increase in temperature, is the most critical step in the freezing process. The control software will regulate the freezing curve through the strictly controlled cooling, and in order to predict the nucleation phenomenon in time. Extension of program-controlled rate freezer device will therefore provide the greatest protection of the nuclear membrane.
Cool to a stable ice crystal state (-110 ° C)
 In the critical phase of ice formation, heat exchange continues between the environment and the cells. The shortest temperature reduces the possibility of peaks, combined with fast, uniform freezing, minimizes damage to the cell membrane and ensures a 10% increase in effective sperm compared to traditional freezing methods. Liquid Nitrogen Injection on a Special Blade Set, Extended Programmable Rate Freezer Turbine Ensures Instantaneous Evaporation and Unified Performance, High Performance Mixing Ensures Very Low Temperatures That Are Important Factors in the Entire Stage.